North Knapdale Community Council

Minutes of the North Knapdale Community Council meeting held on the 17th May, 2016 at 7:40 pm at Achnamara Village Hall:

In attendance: Iain Ritchie, Andrew Wilson, Heather Williams, Peter Burrell, Ross Ryan, Pete Creech, Catherine MacLennan, Liz Swan, Ailsa Raeburn, and Sandy Taylor.

1. Welcome.

1. Apologies: Graham and Kate Walker, Sue Hillman, Chris Purslow, Andy Grant, Chris Perring, Kim Ritchie and Kirsten Logue.

2. Approval of minutes of last meeting: the minutes of the meeting of March 1st, 2016 were approved.

3. Matters arising/ correspondence: none.

4. Should NKCC join Argyll and the Isles Coast and Countryside Trust?: Pete Creech of Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation shared his experience of AICCT. Aicct is a charitable organisation charged with promoting, preserving and protecting Argyll’s coast and countryside. It provides a mechanism for gathering funding for this purpose. So far it has a Development Manager in place, and has had notable success in Helensburgh and Dunoon with maintenance squads. It has worked locally with Blarbuie teaching woodland skills and helps the Council meet some of its goals relating to the Single Outcome Agreement. It was agreed that NKCC should join AICCT.

5. Should we support Barrandaimh/ Heart of Argyll Wildlife: Pete Creech continued to inform us of progress in leasing Barrandaimh from Forestry Commission Scotland. FCS had been very helpful, and the main stumbling block was the need to find money to upgrade the track to the building. Barrandaimh has the potential to offer a community asset that functions off-grid. It would have uses for Scouts and Artmap, for example. Other activities would relate to recording bio-diversity. HoAWO hope to create a legacy from the Beaver Trial, and to promote Knapdale as a premier wildlife watching destination. HoAWO were looking for NKCC to support their efforts. It was agreed that AW would write a letter in support of HoAWO efforts relating to Barrandaimh.

6. Planning issues (if any.): The only issue raised was the Crinan towpath. This work had been approved by Historic Scotland for the entire Scottish canal network. Local residents and NKCC were not consulted until after work had started. This was deemed poor as it related to consultation. There were reports that the surface was hard on dogs’ feet, and could cause issues for boats’ decks due to grit on shoes.

7. Road issues: Dougie Philand had dealt with the issues raised at the last meeting. Achnamara residents were worried that some of the patching was poor. There seemed to have been a rolling back on promises to resurface the road to Achnamara. The road beyond Achnamara is in a dreadful state. It is even worse beyond Castle Sween. This is a poor state of affairs given that we are trying to encourage tourists to enjoy the area. The main road along the canal is also deteriorating, and some action should be taken to improve the situation. Councillor Taylor was to be meeting Julian Green of the Roads Department. He will report back with the Roads Department response. Councillor Taylor reminded people to use the dedicated phone line, 01546-605-514, to continue to log issues.

8. Renewable updates, and Knapdale North Opportunities Trust: AW reiterated what IR had reported to the AGM. E’on had pulled out, EDF were still pursuing Cruach Brenfield on a smaller scale, Knapdale North Opportunities Trust had been registered as a company, and the Mid-Argyll initiative (MAi) was close to being established as a community investment vehicle.

9. AOCB: Tayvallich slipway was to be lengthened. NKCC had been approached by Marine Scotland as a consultee. It was agreed that NKCC would reply in support of the application.

10. Crinan Corridor Charrette: this process had been held with the purpose of improving and developing the Crinan Canal corridor. AW and RR had attended. RR felt that the process had been worthwhile, and it was to be hoped that some good ideas would emerge in June when the consultants report back.

11. Councillor Taylor was asked if he had anything to add. He noted that Councillors had found the necessary savings required to balance the budget. While residents won’t have noticed anything yet, Councillor Taylor felt residents would begin to notice these cuts soon. Impacts would be feltthrough 3 weekly bin collection and reduced maintenance of grass areas etc. On a brighter note, the Council has ear-marked £3 million to improve the Mid-Argyll area through the rural regeneration fund.

12. Date and venue of next meeting: the next meeting is to be held in Tayvallich on the 23rd August 2016, at Tayvallich Village Hall.

Minutes of the North Knapdale Community Council AGM held on the 17th M ay, 2016 at 7:30pm at the Achnamara Village Hall.

In attendance: Iain Ritchie, Andrew Wilson, Heather Williams, Peter Burrell,
Ross Ryan, Pete Creech, Catherine Maclennan, Liz Swan, Ailsa Raeburn, and Sandy Taylor.

1. Welcome: Iain Ritchie welcomed everyone.
2. Apologies: Graham and Kate Walker, Sue Hillman, Chris Purslow, Andy Grant, Chris Perring, Kim Ritchie and Kirsten Logue.
3. The minutes of the 2015 AGM were approved.
4. Chairman’s Report: The Convener, Iain Ritchie, noted that 2015- 2016 had been our first full year. Attendance at meetings had
been good, with up to 19 at meetings. It had been good to see
Councillors attend our meetings, and both Dougie Philand and Sandy Taylor have been most helpful when issues were raised. Issues which had been raised were generally well handled by the Council. Iain noted Dougie’s advice that reporting things properly was the key to getting results. Iain noted that Knapdale North Opportunities Trust (KNOT) had been established in order to deal with community benefit from renewables.
E’on have abandoned their development and EDF had reduced the scale of Cruach Brenfield. MAi (the Mid-Argyll initiative) is close to being established to manage community investment. Iain has been attending Community Planning Partnership meetings relating to the Single Outcome Agreement from the Council. He was now to help with how these goals are communicated. We
have been remiss in preparing our emergency plan, and Iain was going to seek to rectify that this year.
5. Treasurer’s Report: The accounts were prepared by Peter Burrell. These were approved.
6. Election of Office Bearers: IR, AW, and RR agreed to remain as Convener, Secretary, and Deputy Convener respectively. As PB offered his resignation from NKCC, AW agreed to take on the
treasurer role in the absence of any other volunteers.
7. Election of Co-opted Members: Heather Williams was co-opted onto NKCC, and agreed to stand in a by-election in the autumn. Ailsa Raeburn agreed to stand also.
8. The next AGM is to be held in May 2017.

Minutes for North Knapdale Community Council meeting held on the 1st Ma rch, 2016 at 7:30 pm at Crinan Hotel:

In attendance: Iain Ritchie, Ross Ryan, Catherine MacLennan, Ailsa Raeburn, John Marsden, Chris Perring, Gordon Doughty, Bill Halliday, Coun cilor Dougie Philand, Andy Grant, Graham Walker and Kate Walker.

1. Welcome. Iain welcomed those assembled

2. Apologies: Mike Kelly, Norma Kelly, Sue Hillman, Chris Purslow, Kirsten Logue and Peter Burrell.

3. Approval of minutes of last meeting: These were approved.

4. Matters arising/ correspondence: None.

5. Local Housing Strategy: Bill Halliday, Housing Manager A&BC.: Bill gave an interesting talk on A&BC obligations regarding housing. These include the provision of affordable housing. A role fulfilled by ACHA since 2006. The council sets housing basic standards and for energy efficiency. A new 5 year plan is about to be introduced, and the Housing Department would welcome feedback

. Bill also attached a link to a new round of Rural Housing Fund grants:

. The Housing Department are governed by the Single Outcome Agreement as it relates to

encouraging population growth. They have an emphasis on lifeling houses and sustainable communities. One of the biggest issues they